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CE Available

The following is a list of Board approved continuing education.

American Veterinary Holistic Veterinary Medical Assn.;
2019 Annual Conference
RACE Approved: 22.00 CE hours
Information contact: Lauana Paradine
Telephone: (410) 569-0795, ext. 002


2019 Four Corners Veterinary Symposium
August 24 – August 25, 2019
Albuquerque, New Mexico
15.00 CE hours
Information contact: Kelly McEwen, Referral Advocate
Telephone: (505) 250-1000


Anesthesia for the Critically Ill;
Online; 1.00 CE hour
Information contact: Dr. Sheri Berger
Telephone: (646) 489-7830


Trauma to the Tooth;
On the Floor @ Dove (Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital);
Online; 1.00 CE hour
Information contact: Sarah Crisp
Telephone: 971-255-5906


NMBVM Veterinary Jurisprudence, Online year ’round;
VetMed Consulting; 5.00 CE hours
Information contact: Dr. Madan Kharé
Telephone: 732-247-3737


Veterinary Law & Ethics, Online year ’round;

RACE approved – 18.00 hours
Iowa State University
Information contact: James F. Wilson, DVM, JD
Contact at:
Telephone: 215-321-9488


University of Albany

Climate Change and Zoonoses: Overview
1.00 CE hour


Veterinary Medical Records
Iowa State University
Year ’round
6.00 CE hours – RACE-approved


Veterinary Law and Ethics
Iowa State University
Year ’round
Hours differ per module – RACE-approved


*Pursuant to A. (1) of the Rules and Regulations: Non-contact hours may comprise no more than half of the annual requirement of 15 hours.

**Pursuant to A (4) of the Rules and Regulations: Instruction in alternative, non-western medicine…may comprise of no more than half the annual requirement of 15 CE hours.

Arizona Licensees

Arizona Veterinary Medical Examining Board Meetings:
Licensees can earn 2.00 CE hours attending Board meetings held monthly.

Check website for information:

Various RACE-approved online continuing education (see Note):
Note: Online CE may constitute a maximum of one-half of the annual required 15.00 hours.