A. To obtain a bovine AI and bovine PD permit, an applicant must:

(1) Complete bovine AI and bovine PD instruction given by the bovine AI and PD examiner or through another institution approved by the board.

(a) To request board approval for a particular bovine AI and PD course of instruction, an applicant must provide to the board a course outline or description, including number of instructional contact hours.

(b) At its next meeting, the board will make its determination whether approval will be granted.

(2) Applicant must pass bovine AI and PD written and proficiency examinations prepared and administered by the board or its appointed agent(s). The purpose of the examination(s) is to determine the knowledge and proficiency of each applicant.

(3) Applicant must be recommended by the board appointed examiner as qualified for the bovine AI and PD permit(s).

B. Upon the examiner’s recommendation, the board may issue a bovine AI and bovine PD permit.

C. Each bovine AI and PD permit applicant has one year in which to apply to the board for a permit after passing the examination(s). If the applicant does not apply for a permit within one year, applicant must retake
the examination(s).

D. Fees for instruction are paid directly to the instructor or institution that provides the instruction.

(1) Examination fees are paid directly to the board appointed examiner; and

(2) Fees for initial bovine AI and PD permits and annual renewals are paid to the board of veterinary medicine. A current list of fees relating to bovine
artificial insemination and bovine pregnancy diagnosis permits is also posted at the board’s web site:

(a) Initial permit: each permit, bovine AI or bovine PD – $75.

(b) Annual permit renewal: each permit, bovine AI or bovine PD – $75.

(c) Late-renewal penalty fees:

(i) postal postmarked after December 31 but no later than January 31 – $50; or

(ii) postal postmarked after January 31 – $75.

[ NMAC – Rp, NMAC, 01-17-2014]

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