New Mexico Board of Veterinary Medicine

The Board of Veterinary Medicine was established by statute to regulate the practice of veterinary medicine in New Mexico.  The Board works closely with the Board of Pharmacy, Livestock Board, the Department of Health,  the Solid Waste Bureau as well as the USDA, DEA and several other federal agencies.

The Board is governed by the New Mexico Practice Act and the Act’s associated Rules. The Board is comprised of seven members:  five DVMs and two public members; the Board meets four times a year in open meetings in Albuquerque.  The Board’s constituency consists of the general public and professionals in the field of veterinary medicine.

All licenses are renewable on a annual basis; fifteen (15) hours of continuing education are required annually for license renewal for Doctors of Veterinary Medicine, eight (8) hours are required annually for license renewal for Registered Veterinary Technicians.

Facility licenses are renewable annually and are inspected biennially.  The Board contracts with a licensed DVM to conduct the facility inspections throughout the state of New Mexico.  The Facility Inspector inspects the physical plant and all records as well as assisting DVMs with any difficulties they are encountering in their practice.  If deficiencies cited in an inspection report are not corrected within a reasonable length of time, the facility is presented to the Board for possible disciplinary action.

The Board also provides a process in which to file a complaint relative to a perceived lack of adequate medical services to animals.  The Board contracts with a licensed DVM to conduct investigations of the complaints.  A complaint review committee comprised of Board members reviews the investigator’s reports and presents the complaints to the Board for resolution.  If warranted, and the complaint is merited, disciplinary action may be initiated by the Board.

The Board office serves as a source and resource for the professionals and the general public.  The Board’s Executive Director serves as the Board’s representative in the day-to-day operations and is available to provide assistance with your questions and concerns.