Proposed Consolidation Information

The Legislative Finance Committee of the New Mexico Legislature has suggested a possible consolidation of the Board of Veterinary Medicine and the Animal Sheltering Board. This suggestion was one of several recommendations for board consolidations by a Government Restructuring Blue Ribbon Committee.

The Board of Veterinary Medicine (BVM) is an independent board funded solely from licensing fees. The Animal Sheltering Board (ASB) is currently under the Regulation and Licensing Department which provides all administrative support. The ASB is funded by general funds annually appropriated by the Legislature out of the General Fund. The New Mexico Legislature has appropriated $87,000 for Fiscal Year 2012 from the General Fund for the ASB. Funding for the ASB must be obtained in each future fiscal year from the General Fund. If a consolidation of the two boards occurs and the ASB does not receive funding in the future, the Board of Veterinary Medicine will be responsible for the Animal Sheltering Board and its functions.

The options the Board of Veterinary Medicine is considering are as follows:

  1. The ASB would become a subcommittee of the BVM. The ASB would make policy recommendations to the BVM; however, the BVM would be responsible for and have the authority over policies of the ASB.
  2. The ASB would be established as an independent board apart from the Regulation and Licensing Department and retain its authority concerning policy making, enforcement and other accountabilities. The BVM office would provide administrative support to the ASB.
  3. The BVM would take no action regarding the Legislative Finance Committee’s suggestion; the two boards would continue operating as they are currently.